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The Startonight Industries multinational company produces and sells articles with luminous in the dark properties, unique in the world, which are realized using photopolymers of last generation that have a capacity of lighting until 12 hours in the dark, without energy consumption.


Startonight offers the opportunity of buying a Startonight Masterfranchise for any other country except the ones in which our company is already present.




What is the Startonight Masterfranchise?


The Startonight Masterfranchise grants the right of representing the Startonight company in one foreign country. In one country, there can be only one masterfranchisee. Any other request (products or business) form that country will be redirected to the owner of the Masterfranchise.


Which are the advantages of a Startonight Masterfranchise?


First of all is the opportunity of selling a new concept, on a virgin market, without any competition, where the only obstacle will be explaining this concept. Except this, you will get also a business with all the necessary information and instruments to succed with minimum efforts.


Which conditions must I fulfil in order to get a Startonight Masterfranchise?


There is a plurality of criteria which a candidate must fulfil in order to qualify for obtaining the Masterfranchise. It is important to proove a good knowledge of the market, of the people, the religious and cultural traditions, the specific social-economical conditions, the managerial and communication skills, as well as  the proof of the fact that the owner can financialy sustain the business in the first 6 months


Which are the starting steps if I'm accepted for obtaining the license for Masterfranchise?


Prior signing the Masterfranchise contract, the strategy of entering the market where you will activate must be settled. For a better understanding of the Startonight business, I will compare it with a highway with 8 trafic lanes on one way. The trafic lanes can be: selling regional franchises, cities; selling the products to franchisees; to dealers; negociating and selling the products to the big chanis of markets (bricolage, supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc.); offering special services (hotels, clubs, office buildings, rezidential buildings, personalised products, etc.); establishing a sales team on categories (products for children, presents, constructions, home appliances, signs, entertainment, promotional materials, etc.); producing new goods under the Startonight brand, goods which will be sold to the entire international network of the company.


Must I follow all the lanes of this "highway" for the beginning?


Another argument in the favour of our business's success is that we are not forcing you to make all these things, but we are only recommending them. On this highway you can drive on one, two or all the lanes, with any speed you want. These will be your decisions because you will use your own resources and information and it will be in your own interest to succeed. We consider that the first, very important step is for you to arrange a showroom (rather in the capital city) where you can present the products and the concept with the purpose of selling the franchises. Simultaneously it must be started off the marketing strategy for the gradual implementation of the brand in the market (internet presentation, emailing campains, presenting and introducing the concept to the big distribution networks, etc.)


How is a Masterfranchise fee calculated?


The Masterfranchise fee is demographic calculated (a fix amount for one milion inhabitants). For supplementary information please fill the Masterfranchise Form.


Which is the total investment in order to unwind the starting operations of the business in the first 6 months?


In order to be able to calculate the approximate costs please download the Masterfranchise Investment Form.


Which is the length of the Startonight Masterfranchise Contract?


The length of a license is 5 years (the contract can be renewed without any supplementary fees once in 5 years).


If I receive orders from another country, where there is no Startonight Masterfranchise, how do I proceed?


If there are orders for goods or services, you can honour them without any problem, but with the mention that every item must have the label transalted in the language of the country where it is sold. If you have a request for developing the business in another country than yours, you will direct it to the Romanian headquarters. In case that, following this request, a new Startonight Masterfranchise contract will be signed, you will receive 50% of the net franchise cashed fee, according to that contract. You will receive this amount in goods, solutions or advertising materials.


How much time will it take untill I recover the investment?


Normaly, if you follow the recommendations of our specialists, you should recover the investment in 6 to 15 months. However, this fact depends very much also on your abilities as well as on your wishing to succeed. From our statistics, we can say that 60% of the Masterfranchisees recover their investment in the first 6 months of activity.


Which are the most eficient methods of promotion?


For starting we recommend attending the specialised franchise exhibitions from your country, as well as promoting the concept online in the profiled websites. In this way you can easely present the Startonight concept to an audience which is aquainted with the franchise system, being able to cover the whole territory. The classic media advertising like TV, radio, indoor or outdoor advertising si very efficient but we recommend it after you have a national network so you could handle the logistic issues.


Where are the goods that I'm going to sell produced? Can you ensure any quantity?


All the products are made in Europe. In order to see the place of production for each category, please check the Production Map.


Do I need a warehouse, cars for distribution? How many employers do I need for starting?


Normaly, everything should be easy from the organisational point of view. You can have a place where you can organize the deliveries but you could also hire a company which is specialised in this type of operations. The business will work in a standard mode, but you will need to settle a franchise department, department that will first need one person with very goods negociation abilities (that person could be you, at the beggining). It will be ideal to manage any request, at any moment, of any products or information.


I saw that there are many special services that I can ensure. How and when will I learn all that needs to be done?



Being a business in permanent evolution, the training surpasses the limit of the first month in which you will accommodate with the specific operational methods, and it will be carried on throughout the whole period of the contract. We will recommend you methods to find partners (franchisees and dealers) which will undertake the selling to the final client part. You will have all the information and support so you can train your parteners yourself.


Who will deal with the transportation?


The transportation from Romania to any Masterfranchisee is ordered and supported by the last one. The transportation from the Masterfranchisee to any Franchisee is ordered and supported by the last one. The transportation from the Franchisee to the Dealers is ordered and supported by the last ones.


Which is the purchasing price and which are the prices that I use to sell to the Franchisees and Dealers?


In order to obtain the Startonight Price List, please fill the Masterfranchisee Form, filling with "YES" the "I want to receive the Startonight Price List on my e-mail" section. The medium addition recommended for a Masterfranchisee is 40-50%. The Franchisees will receive a 10% discount from the price list, and the dealers will have a price which will be 10% higher than the price list.


What do I receive when I buy the Startonight Masterfranchise?


One of the Startonight franchise system's rules is that from any fee of Masterfranchise or Franchise payed, the owner will receive 25% of this fee in goods or advertising materials.


How is the Franchise fee for a region or city calculated?


The franchise fee is also calculated after the population number, being of 10.000 euro/300.000 inhabitants. If a city has 1 milion inhabitants, the fee will be 20.000 euro (we are appling "the second franchise is half" rule).


I saw that in every country there a 2 websites Startonight and Startoshop. Which are their role?


Startonight is the brand's general presentation and concept site, but Startoshop is the site for online sells, with the prices for the final client, in each country. Here you can present and sell all the Startonight products that fit your market's requests (in muslim countries you cannot present paintings with icons), but it can be introduced products which can be specific only to your country.


The selling price is the same in all of the countries?


There is a medium price which is recommended, but there can be small differences (maximum 10%) due to the various transportation and customs (where there are) costs.


Which is the difference between a Franchisee and a Dealer?


In one region, city, there can be only one Franchisee who could have, at his turn, several contracts with various colaborators (Dealers). One Franchisee's addition is 67% and one Dealer's is 37%, both selling with the same price in the market (the Starthoshop price). The Franchisee benefits of the Startonight solutions and can perform all the company's special services from present and future. The Dealer can find clients for the special services, but they will be given by the Franchisee.


Which is the guarantee that another Masterfranchisee or Franchisee will be also selling in my territory?


Every Mastrerfranchisee, Franchisee or Dealer has a precise area of activity. If he will get over his area he risks of loosing the Franchise contractual right, only if this fact is demonstrated.





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